10 things about me

10 things about me

We don't know each other yet. To remedy this, here are some facts, opinions about me, and some of my quirks.

  1. I'm about six foot two. And yes, I used to play basketball.
  2. I don't play anymore, but I do have a membership card to CJB, my local team in Badalona, where I live.
  3. I like cinema. So much so that I started a cinema club in my university years. Which still exists by the way.
  4. I have a terrible memory. Which is why I make notes on everything.
  5. Even on the films I watch.
  6. My motto over the past few years has been “anything but translation”.
  7. Note that I have even started a cult T-shirt business (currently on hold) so as not to have to translate.
  8. For years, I've been trying to publish a comic strip set on a basketball court.
  9. I've learnt more geography and history from collecting stamps than I ever did at school.
  10. I have a wife, two kids, and a cat. I put up with the latter, and the rest all put up with me.

Now, to wrap it up, here are two of my favourite quotes.

Actually, the first one is more of an anecdote:

This is the story of a man who fell from a fifty-story building. As he fell past one floor and the next, he starts to repeat this phrase to give him courage:
it’s ok so far;
it’s ok so far;
it’s ok so far.
The problem isn’t the fall. It’s the landing.

C’est l’histoire d’un homme qui tombe d’un inmeuble de 50 étages.
Le mec, au fur et à mesure de sa chute, il se répète sans cesse pour se rassurer:
Jusqu’ici tout va bien.
Jusqu’ici tout va bien.
Jusqu’ici tout va bien.
Mais l’important c’est pas la chute. C’est l’aterissage.

La Haine (Mathieu Kassovitz, 1995)

The second is from Understanding Comics, a book from 1993:

And all that’s needed is the desire to be heard--
--the will to learn--
--and the ability to see.

Scott McCloud