What they say about me

What they say about me

I first met Marco on an experimental Google Chat service called Aardvark in 2012 where he answered my questions about translation. Surely I was in contact with a proactive, early adopting kind of person, but nothing could have prepared me to what this relationship later became. In all this years Marco has been a cool boss, a fantastic mentor, an excellent conversation partner and sounding board for my ideas and a great friend to turn to. All of this while never meeting in person until the first time in Barcelona in 2017! If you want some well grounded entrepreneurial advice, a translation professional you can rely on for big projects or a remote project manager that can deliver, do yourself a favor and get in contact with him..

Fabrizio Bianchi Analytics & Marketing Specialist 12/07/2018

Marco's advice was instrumental in successfully converting the Dizionario delle combinazioni lessicali (Italian Dictionary of Lexical Combinations) into a web app, especially in the specification design phase. In Marco I found a competent speaker, always willing to find the best balance between "editorial" needs and technical constraints.

Francesco Urzì Author of Dizionario delle Combinazioni Lessicali 25/06/2018

I cannot recommend Marco’s work highly enough! Having worked with hundred of different translators – freelancers and agencies – I would come back time and time again to Marco and his team. He always delivered top quality and, if there was ever a question or a concern, I knew I could go to him straight away, and he would ask the right questions to make sure he was able to address the issue. He is incredibly communicative (sometimes I think he never sleeps!) and was never late to respond or late on a deadline. Incredibly friendly and easy to work with!

Kala Maxym Customer Success Manager presso Smartling 24/06/2018

Very professional, punctual and competitive service.

Erminio Zanenga Sales Executive presso AERRE Inox S.r.l. 24/06/2018

Marco is a skillful professional for the Italian language and the translation industry: quality expert, hard worker, focused, helpful, empathetic, collaborative, decision maker, conscious planner, analityc mind, binded to commitment. Also he has an excellent grasp of the requirements of a team leader and he is always on top of things. Definitively consider him for Italian translation work as it comes in.

Jose Soto Project Manager presso MSS Translation 24/06/2018

I have worked with Marco and his agency for the English and Spanish translations of our eCommerce portal. They have always delivered on time and been very willing to handle frequent "last minute" comissions. Despite deadlines always being very tight, the translation quality is excellent, as verified by some of our native speakers. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a translatuin, you can rely on them.

Antonella Pivaro Responsabile eCommerce, AW LAB 24/06/2018

I got to know Marco during my time as Head of PM Assistants and Sales Support at Marsilli when I was struggling with the introduction of CAT-tools in a somewhat “conservative environment”. At the end of the two courses held by him, my resources had almost caught up with the state of the art in the business - or at least to the point that CAT-tools were considered a "must" for technical translation and not some “fancy innovation”. A claim that I lay to Marco’s detached unprejudiced presentation skills. To cut a long story short: Marco is a real Pro which I can only recommend.

Maria Grazia Mangione Customer Satisfaction Analyst presso Marsilli S.p.A. 24/06/2018

Qabiria made a great job with our LaTex files! They were able to translate an instruction manual for our machine directly managing the LaTex files without errors and allowing us to compile the manual in the new language in few minutes. No other company nowadays was able to give us the same quality service with the same quality/price ratio. Thank you Marco!

Roberto Chiminelli COO presso GIEI srl 24/06/2018

Professional and helpful, Marco immediately understood my needs and gave me the answers I needed. Thanks to his guidance and advice, my CV is now much more expressive in content and form.

Eleonora Bidetti Translator - Die Post, Bern 31/05/2018

I am very grateful to Marco Cevoli for his availability and the precious advice that helped me update and improve my CV. With clear and precise explanations he showed me not only which professional features it was better to highlight, but also which absolutely needing avoiding. I am very satisfied with the results obtained and I recommend anyone who had the same doubts I did to rely on Marco Cevoli's professionalism.

Francesca Felici Translator and teacher 27/02/2018

I took part in Marco Cevoli’s workshop "Specialization and positioning for translators" on the occasion of Day of the Translator 2017. It has been very useful to receive practical advice to improve your positioning and correct your curriculum vitae. Moreover, Marco Cevoli is a good and involving teacher. Overall, a very fruitful experience!

Francesca Soldani Owner of Daeverso Translations 24/10/2017

I worked with Qabiria for almost a year in translation, proofreading, project management and social media management. Marco is a very competent and pragmatic person, an eclectic professional able to continuously broaden his range of action and always willing to share his knowledge with others. Working alongside Marco and the Qabiria team has been a precious experience that has allowed me to mature and grow from a professional and personal point of view.

Serena Di Pane Project manager at PSG Translation, Ancona 13/03/2017

Keen attention to detail, knowledgeability, and a good level of transparency are the key features that make a professional relationship with Marco a wise and advantageous choice. Working with him is a great chance for continuous learning since he is always available to help, share, and give useful suggestions.

Silvia Maragliano Translator and subtitler 18/02/2017

Working with Marco is pleasant and positively challenging. He is a very caring person and professional. He is very precise and he likes discussing all the shades of grammar and terminology when you work together. This provides an accurate result in terms of final outcome and of mutual enrichment. I always find it powerful to work with Marco: great knowledge exchange and he is always there to help.

Martina Lunardelli Translator and interpreter 13/02/2017

Not only is Marco Cevoli's extraordinary knowledge of the field of localization and translation studies striking, but all the more so his willingness to spread the technical skills and experience accumulated over the years. In this sense, working with Marco doesn't just mean completing a task, but broadening one's perspective on sometimes difficult issues.

Stefano Iuliani Translator and videomaker 14/03/2016

The "From CV to online portfolio" webinar was a positive experience, and I particularly appreciated the second part: Marco provided some interesting practical advice and suggested readings.

Elisabetta Vaiti Translator 19/02/2016

I participated in the webinar on how to present myself effectively from a professional point of view. Marco's advice has been really useful, extremely practical and worked wonders for my CV. I especially appreciated the advice about of self-analysis, which no one had ever given me before.

Claudia Vanelli Translator 16/02/2016

I participated in the webinar "From CV to online presentation" held by Marco and promoted by Sabrina Tursi's STL Formazione. Compared to many other CV seminars I have participated in during my university and non-university studies, this webinar distinguished itself through its concreteness and the professional approach aimed at translators. I especially appreciated Marco's clear and punctual way of speaking, and his instructions on highlighting which professional characteristics to bring out in a CV, and which errors to avoid. He has my personal thanks for giving me very important advice on improving my CV and my personal website. I hope to meet him in another professional training or, who knows, even a work context!

Matteo Tirelli Translator 16/02/2016

I thank Marco Cevoli for the detailed explanations he gave during the webinar: «Dal CV al portfolio online - Come presentarsi efficacemente» (From the CV to the online portfolio - How to present yourself efficiently). Thanks to those three hours, I got in touch with a very knowledgeable and helpful professional, able to understand people's needs and provide the best answers. His advice is absolutely worth following!

Rosa Rizza Translator 12/02/2016

I attended the seminar on Web Localization held by Marco Cevoli and Andrea Spila and I thank them again for their wonderful presentation. It was a very productive seminar and I will certainly put a lot of what was discussed into practice.

Marica Abiuso Translator 12/03/2015

I had the opportunity to meet Marco when he spoke at the "Technologies for Translation - Collaborate, share, participate: traduzione e software libero nell’era del web 2.0" conference, held in Forlì on 24-25 January 2014. He gave a detailed and accurate presentation of the OmegaT software, and the audience greatly appreciated his clarity and precision. A brilliant speaker who made an important contribution to the event's success!

Claudia Lecci Professor at the University of Bologna 20/03/2014

Marco and Sergio are brilliant assets, who offer kindly to the translation/localization industry their skills, help and remarkable knowledge. Very much helpful, always willing to help and serve, they share with the world valuable information.

Thierry Lafaye Translator and localizer 20/03/2013

I worked with Marco on a translation project spread in time for over a year. He was a professional business partner, promptly responding to all the issues possible.

Szymon Metkowski Translator 18/07/2012

Marco is enthusiastic, active and always available for everyone, he knows his team well and makes sure that everyone gives his best. Excellent professional and translator, good strategist and team leader.

Sandra Torras Simona Translator and interpreter 27/09/2010

Marco and I collaborated on ProZ.com translators conferences where he was a speaker. The feedback of conference participants on his presentation has been elogious, and as the organizer I was not disappointed by the quality of his lecture. His knowledge, experience and polyvalence and negotiation make him a great professional and business partner: responsive, flexible, listening - and fun. I hope this is just the beginning of our collaboration!

Anne Diamantidis Training Solutions Delivery Specialist, Friburgo, Germania 20/03/2010