Courses and training

Courses and training

I have taught courses to hundreds of translators, project managers and other professionals, especially in the field of technology applied to translation and localisation, not only at public events (conferences, conventions, etc.), but also privately.

The courses I offer range from full courses and single sessions to bitesized training. All of these always favour practical aspects. They can be both online and presential. I can also provide recorded video-lessons on request.

I offer my training courses both to freelance translators, translation agencies and other businesses.

Here are some of the courses I have given in recent years:

  • 10 ideas to increase profit and productivity in translation projects using CAT tools
  • Introduction to translation project management
  • Translation project management – beginners' and advanced levels
  • OCR for translators
  • How to create a website in a few hours
  • Introduction to website localisation
  • 10 essential free (or almost free) apps for the translator's toolbox
  • Quality control in translation with open-source tools
  • OmegaT, a free open-source CAT tool – beginners' and advanced levels
  • ]project-open[, project management software specifically for the translation industry: advantages and limits
  • How to choose a TMS, project management software for your translation agency
  • Okapi Framework for beginners: Rainbow
  • Advanced layout design with word processors
  • Handling and maintaining translation memories
  • From the CV to the online portfolio: How to present yourself efficiently
  • The strange language of linguists: how to buy translations
  • Strategies, tools and itineraries for online research

Almost all the materials used during the courses are available online for free.