About me

About me


In 2008, along with two colleagues, I founded Qabiria Studio SLNE, whose tenth birthday we celebrated last year.

Another project I'm very proud of is Allerglobal, a free service for people travelling abroad, which lets you make a list of your food allergies in a chosen foreign language, all ready to print out and show in restaurants or at medical institutions in the visited country. The site is currently being restyled and is not accessible at this moment.

In 2017, a project parallel to Qabiria brought me a lot of satisfaction: DiventareTraduttori, a site where aspiring translators can find all the questions and (almost) all the answers to the most frequently asked questions in the profession (in Italian only).

Technical translator

I have been translating and revising technical texts from English, Spanish, German and Catalan into Italian since 1997. I specialise in the automotive and IT sectors. Until recently, I translated an average of about 700,000 words a year. I now devote myself mainly to managing translation projects (about 200 per year) and less to translation itself.


In 2012, along with Sergio Alasia, I published the first manual dedicated to the OmegaT CAT tool, called Complete guide to OmegaT. Techniques, tips and tricks for translators and project managers, which has been adopted as a textbook in various universities.

Read "Complete guide to OmegaT" (in Italian only)

In 2017, I released my second book, The Irreplaceable Translator. Specialisation and positioning for translation professionals, a short guide to personal branding, which has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese.

Read "The Irreplaceable Translator" (in Italian, but the English version is coming soon!)

My new book, written in collaboration with Alessandra Ghiazza, called Trovare tutto su internet - Strategie, strumenti e trucchi per la ricerca online came out at the start of 2019.

Copertina Trovare tutto su internet

Read "How to find Everything on the Internet" (in Italian only)


In 2009 I first spoke at the regional ProZ conference in Barcelona. Since then, I have taken part in conferences, various industry events (ProZ, Translation Forum Russia, Com&Tec, TeTra3, International Translation Day, Elia Together, etc.) and have collaborated with universities, educational institutions and associations from Italy and Spain, mainly teaching about productivity, project management and technology applied to translation.

Read the complete list of conferences I have participated in.

The slides from almost every presentation are available in the Presentations section.

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Soft skills

  • Project management
  • People management
  • Information retrieval
  • Problem solving
  • Effective networking
  • Technical writing

Technical skills

  • HTML + CSS
  • XML + XSLT
  • SQL
  • Twig Template Engine
  • Tcl

CAT and L10N

  • OmegaT
  • SDL Trados
  • Wordfast
  • Star Transit
  • ApSIC Xbench
  • Okapi Framework