Marco Cevoli

Technical translator | Graphic designer | Joiner-of-dots

Site translation and localisation expert. Author of Complete Guide to OmegaT, The Irreplaceable Translator and How to Find Everything on the Internet (not available in English yet). Determined project starter, less determined project finisher.

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Geeky translator
Graphic designer and webmaster

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I spend my free time lost between writing, training, and management projects, not all of which are logically connected. To get an idea of how chaotic this can get, take a look at my blog (if you can read Italian).

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(Emergency) services

I often contend with...

CAT Tools

Ardent defender of OmegaT, the free and open-source CAT tool

Localisation toolkit

Okapi Framework above all, but also regex recipes


Management systems aimed specifically at translation projects

Technical manuals

Especially for the automotive industry

Colleagues in distress

Wide-ranging IT support

Graphic layout

DTP of ebooks and other documents


PowerPoint creation and re-design


Web page creation, translation, and localisation