Guida completa a OmegaT (Complete Guide to OmegaT)

Guida completa a OmegaT (Complete Guide to OmegaT)

Techniques, tips and tricks for translators and project managers

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Guida completa a OmegaT: techniche, trucchi e consigli per traduttori e project manager (Complete Guide to OmegaT: tips, tricks and techniques for translators and project managers) is a practical, Italian guide to using the well-known open source computer assisted translation program OmegaT in the most productive way.

In 185 pages, the manual covers both basic and advanced topics in great detail that describe all the procedures that allow linguists to translate over 20 file formats, from simple Word documents to InDesign and LaTeX.

It also reveals all the tricks for opening and translating files from other translation systems, such as SDL Trados TagEditor, Wordfast Classic or Pro, into OmegaT. Guida completa a OmegaT is aimed at all those who aren't familiar with the program (or who just don't know all its functions) and are looking for a clear, complete and detailed manual to learn how best to use this computer assisted translation tool in a short time.

The book is divided into 5 chapters that analyze all the features and functions of OmegaT in depth, accompanying the reader from instalation, right down to discovering its more advanced features.

  • In the first chapter the concepts of assisted translation and CAT tools are introduced, their advantages and their shortcomings discussed, and an overview of the various free and commercial tools available is given.
  • In the second chapter we show how OmegaT fits into the sphere of free and open source translation tools, with a look at its structure and interface.
  • The third chapter gives a detailed description of how to choose, download and install OmegaT on the three most used platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • In the fourth chapter we demonstrate how to work with OmegaT, guiding the user through the different phases of a translation project.
  • In the fifth chapter we deal with OmegaT's advanced functions, exploring some of its less common features and demonstrating a range of typical usage scenarios, along with how it works in conjunction with other free and open source tools.

In addition, the manual is accompanied by a number of appendices where we have stored 2 practical files containing the most useful keyboard shortcuts, codes to represent languages, lists of stop words in Italian and English to use with dictionaries, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The text ends with a recommended bibliography and a list of useful programs.

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