Trovare tutto su internet

Trovare tutto su internet

Strategie, strumenti e trucchi per la ricerca online

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Trovare tutto su internet: strategie, strumenti e trucchi per la ricerca online (How to Find Everything on The Internet: Tricks, Tools and Tips for Online Research) contains a series of strategies and advice for how to make your online research more efficient.

Questo testo, scritto in collaborazione con la collega Alessandra Ghiazza, ricade nella categoria dei manuali di alfabetizzazione informatica. Compared to previous books, I decided to slightly expand the research field and address not just translators but all those who use the internet for research, especially at the professional level.

I consider online research to be a key tranferable skills for almost any line of work. However, I found this skill was lacking among my friends and colleagues. Searches are often made superficially, without paying much attention to detail. It has to be said, this is completely understandable given the ever-increasing efficiency of search engines, which are now able to anticipate users' requests, and almost always correctly.

So why write a book about online research then? What is there really to learn about using Google and other search engines? With a little attention, and by using the techniques explained in the book, you can get better results by finding what you are looking for in less time. You may even learn to look in places you'd never thought to look before.

Nei 9 capitoli di Trovare tutto su internet spiego infatti:

  • how search engines work;
  • which are the most useful search tools (with an entire chapter dedicated to Google Search);
  • what are the strategies for searching for texts, images and documents efficiently;
  • how to ask questions in forums and discussion groups in the right way;
  • how to search on social media;
  • how to check information sources;
  • how to protect your privacy while searching;
  • and finally, how to save the content found.

All this is accompanied by numerous examples taken from my own day-to-day experience.

The book is available in Italian in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats from the Qabiria store store di Qabiria and also on Amazon for those who have a Kindle or want to read it in paperback.

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